Raising the Voice against Corruption

Kalamatte is a village on the road side of Ranchi- Khunti Highwayand is one of the important village for the implementation of our activties. After the follow up activity of RTI campaign in the village a group of youth informed us about that people of this village are geting less food grains from the PDS as per the norms it is provision to distribute 35 kg of grains to the people, but they were getting 32 kg only and no body dared to raise the voice against this corruption as the dealer(Mungeswar mahto) of this village was a Politicaly powerfull & influnced man.

After the RTI campaign people of this village protested and shouted against this. They were informed by the dealer that 3 kg of rice gets wasted during transportation. But when people contacted with Block official, they were informed that a total of 35 kf grains is being transported for each of the people and it is not possible that 3 kg of rice gets wasted from each of the bag. People shouted much on this issue and after watching that people are getting united Mangeswar mahto vowed not to repate the same and today each and every people are geeting the food grains as per the norms.