Past Projects

Social mobilization around marginalized issues of rural population
Empowering socially excluded community members towards the right to food/food security

The project has ensured food security for 546 extremely deprived household by mobilization, formation & capacity building of community-based organization such as PRI’s, SHGs, KISAN CLUBS, NAREGA UNIONS, GRAM APDA KOSH,GRAIN BANK, VIGILANCE COMMITTEE  in 2 Panchayats of Khuti block covering a total of 18 villages with total population of 5141 of 947 households.

Formed 18-grain bank, 26 SHGs, 18 emergency fund committee, 18 NAREGA unions, In order to strengthen each family in the period of distress & village committee (Gram Sabha) by involving all the community members of 2 Gram Panchyats covering a total of 18 villages. Distributed approx 2800 plants to farmers of 2 GPs under vegetable farming support program

Objectives of the project were

  • Development of Community based institutions
  • Mobilization & implementation of government social security schemes for eligible community members with transparency
  • To strengthen the partnership between women group’s, civil societies & local government to facilitate greater cross-learning, knowledge & information sharing, access to resources & technical capacities & wider dissemination of tested & right based approaches
  • Self-enterprise development & microcredit linkages
  • Agricultural & available water recourses conservation & development
  • Overall to ensure food security

Toxic Link India (An initiative of Ford Foundation)
Supported by Toxic Link, Delhi (An initiative of FORD foundation, UK), LOK SWAR implemented the program on CAMPAIGN & SENSITIZATION ON BIOMEDICAL WASTE HANDLING RULE 1998 (B.M.W handling rules) in Jharkhand state. The project was implemented in 3 districts of Jharkhand namely Ranchi, Khuti & Ramgarh. Activities of the project consist of advocacy of BMW handling rule 1998, capacity building/awareness creation of hospital staffs/nurses/ward boys/rag picker, etc. regarding segregation process of medical waste & safety from it.

  • Developed a model ward in the hospital in order to sensitize the medical community to follow the BMW handling rule 1998.
  • Organized 1-day workshop/ seminar on the issue, inviting health ministry of Jharkhand, government department, concerned authorities, CBOs, representatives from government/private hospitals etc
  • Imparted training to 250 nurses from 3 hospitals on BMW rule & how to develop a safer workplace. Organized Awareness camp for rag pickers & community residing near hospitals towards the danger of medical waste

With the support of JHARKHAND STATE AIDS CONTROL SOCIETY (JSACS) from the year 2008-2011, LOK SWAR implemented the second phase of the program namely target intervention (T.I)
Under this program, 750 mobile Female Sex Worker (FSWs) were identified in Khunti & Simdega district of Jharkhand state and they are being made aware about the HIV /Aids, STDs, and other dangerous diseases, its safety, regular blood test in the ICDC centers under the banner of the program. Regular advocacy, counseling meetings, focus group discussion (FDGs) Information dissemination through  Street plays, Demonstration, etc were the regular activities of the program, among which identifying the HIV positive cases, handling and forwarding it to the state level health authorities is the major activity of the program.

  • 2 cases of HIV positive patients were traced out & were transferred to concerned higher medical authorities from the target area

LOK SWAR with the support of C.W.S (Center for World Solidarity) initiated a program called ANTI TRAFFICKING UNIT in 2 Panchayats of Khuti block covering a total of 20 villages. At present this program is being implemented by self-effort of LOK SWAR from the year 2011 onwards.

  • Formed 20 anti-trafficking vigilance committee in Khuti block at village level including youths, ward members, teachers, villagers etc in order to stop illegal human trafficking & to have an eye on such cases & on the persons involving in such cases, documentation of migration cases
  • Traced out 25 missing cases from the target area & filed 25 cases in the local police stations & 25 PIL in the court through the unheard, voiceless victim families
  • Conducted seminars & different program on state, village & district label on the issue to sensitize the people.
  • Recovered and brought 4 of the missing girls back to their home & filed the case against the culprits in NCPCR

ARF/LOMEF Thailand & LOK SWAR started this program in the year 2004. With one non formal education center for children in Sakhuwa Bagan slum. Started with total strength of 35 children today there are more than 200 children in 5 different centers of different slum of Dhurwa, Ranchi, Ratu & Jagaathpur area. Deprived & drop out Children of slum area  been  given 1 year formal & informal education & then they are transferred to nearby government school & regular follow & monitoring  is being made in order make their consistency to government schools. From year 2010 education program for slum children is being carried on by self-effort of LOK SWAR

  • Formal & informal education to children of 3 to 8 years of age in a playful way called KHEL KHEL MEIN
  • 1455 students had been transferred to government schools till date

Project 6
RESEARCH PROGRAM ON Testing of learning achievement from class V to  class VIII students of Gov schools
Research program for testing learning achievements of government Scholl students was implemented in 5 districts of Jharkhand state with the support of the JHARKHAND EDUCATION DEPARTMENT of the Jharkhand government

Different  Gov/Non-Gov supporting agencies
Poverty alleviation program by vocational training & awareness generation

With the support of different government & no government agencies like DRDA, CARE, SIDBI, ARF/LOMEF, PNB etc, LOK SWAR had implemented different income generation/skill development vocational training for the deprived women community of Jharkhand state. One of its major focus areas has been the development of babui grass & bamboo handicraft along with fancy resin bag making & paper stationery items. To date the organization has trained more than 1100 rural & urban slum women in different trades. Some of them are still engaged in the activity for them & their family livelihood

  • More than 1100 women trained in different trades to date
  • 176 women are still engaged in the activity individually for their livelihood under the organizational banner
  • Group of 8 women is evolved in running bamboo craft production center collectively
  • 21 women are involved in the petty business of their own after being helped by LOK SWAR


Condensed course Supported by Social Welfare Board:

The particular program is supported by SWB (State Social Welfare Board) for primary and middle-level educational certificate courses through regular classes for 25 Women in Dugdugia village of Gutzora Panchayat, Khunti District, Jharkhand. Expected outcomes have increased the level of education as well as interest towards education in the women in the targeted area. This is part of our Empowerment program


Oxfam India vial Global Affairs Canada:

Creating spaces project (To take action on violence against women & girls)

Creating spaces project is direct engagement with 2000 peoples from 20 villages of Khunti block Jharkhand. Youths, Girls, Men, Women, Influencers especially PRI members & Religious leaders, service providers, etc are direct beneficiaries of the project. Monthly & weekly engagement with groups (direct beneficiaries) in the form of meetings, FGDs, workshops,  rolling out of pre-designed curriculums in order to stop/change/hammer negative social norms especially Domestic violence, child marriage, gender-based violence in the community.

The entire project is based on 3 pillars

Pillar -1: Engaging Key Community Actors To Support and Promote Positive Gender Norms

Pillar -2: Supporting women and girls who have experienced violence

Pillar 3: Building knowledge and capacity of institutions and alliances to Influence change


Global green grant Fund (GGF USA):

Capacity development of community members to resolve environmental issues by identifying & practicing their ancient culture & tradition which is being lost nowadays due to deforestation, soil erosion, land degradation, etc by the effect of modernization.


Department of food public distribution & consumer  rights (Jharkhand government):

Awareness camps related to consumer rights, Jagrukta raths, Departmental Workshops, seminars, the formation of consumer clubs, spreading awareness related to government social security schemes & entitlements, etc