Saving Money and Food for Future Grain Bank

Zahira begum of dungra village, punam of huttar, reena of kanadhi village babita of silda and many others like them were leaving their life distress. They were just like common resident of any other village of rural India serving their life for family & working hard to earn for their children in nearby stone mines. Working in these mines was also leaving a very bad effect on their health specially on lungs. The earning was so less that they could not save a penny for their future. They were unaware about savings, after the implementation of the project they were informed about SHG and grain bank.


The interesting information that we came to know from them was, that during preparing the food for their family few gram of grains got wasted, while serving, or winnowing. They were told to do this activity carefully and thus can save a good amount of grains, which ultimately can come in use for their future in hard times. The concept of grain bank and SHG was started with associating these women. Today more than 300 other women like them are saving something either in the form of money or food for their future and the wealth is increasing day by day as more and more women are coming forward to save something for their future