RTI a Boon for Common People

A big scandal regarding irregularities in NAREGA came in the front of people after using RTI act. Dandool is the village sourrounded from 3 sides its connection with the district headquarter is little bit difficult as their no proper bridge to cross over the river which flows beside the village. People organization used to sit for the metting every week but they never came to know that the bridge which they always wanted construct with help of district official under NAREGA, had been already constructed, but only on paper and the budget was allocated in the names of people organization. Their was the false signature of committee members of people organization.

After the sumbission RTI application by the village community regarding the allocated budget for the construction of bridge, the whole matter came in the front. Panchyat sevak and contractor anil shaw plotted all the conspirancy by preparing false documents. A total of RS 11 lakh was withdraweled in the name of gram sabha fraudly. Today both the people are in the jail on under trial basis.