Raise Voice and Claim Rights

Argodi is one of the interior village of FUDDI panchyat which is sourounded by forest and mountains from 3 sides & is also one of the most naxal effected village of khunti area. People of 3 villages were working as a labour for road construction and they were being paid only 90 Rs/day, which is even less than goverments rate. Since this construction work was regular for 5 months, villagers were persuaded by some of the middle men to work on less rate and in return they will get employment regularly for 5 months other wise contractor will appoint the labour from another area.

In lack of employment, people of all the 3 villages namely kalamati, Argodi and Nehaldih started working  at the rate of 90 Rs/day which was the violation of labour law. NAREGA UNION of Argodi Village raised the voice against theis injustice & this matter was put forwarded towards LOK SWAR’S management committee. Secretary Shalini samvedna and project team attented the gram sabha meeting of all the 3 villages and told people to bycott the work. All the people stooped the work from very next day and contractor was called for the table talk. Before this the project team members along with secretary shalini samvedna got threats on phone to not to interfare in theis matter by unknown person but team did not cared about it.

Contractor was not ready to increase the payment as he told that he has to pay hush money to many government official in order to take hold of this work. But due to extreme pressure by 100th of villagers and protest, the construction firm increased the payment of NAREGA WORKERS from Rs 90 to Rs 140.This was winning situation for all the villagers and increase in the faith of being united under the banner of program was developed in the area.