Information is Our Right & We Must Have It “RTI”

The case is again from Huttar village. Under RTI campaign, people’s organization filled the form collectively to get the information regarding the budget that was allotted for their village for constructing one well for the village community. Saneeka tutte is the resident of Huttar village, member of MNREGA union & was the mate of above mentioned construction work. Panchayat Sevak Pradeep Sahu and Saneeka was responsible for implementation of the construction. Material used for the construction was of cheapest grade apart from this there was fake name list of the people who worked in the project; withdrawal of the fund has been done on the name of those who did not worked in it. They were also not giving any information regarding the fund. After applying under RTI act by the villagers, Pradeep and Saneeka ploted a conspiracy and submitted affidavit having fake sign of saneeka and few others villagers on it that  local residents of Huttar village do not want any information regarding MNREGA work and they also did not want any SOCIAL AUDIT in their village.


After the intervention of BDO and hue & cry by the villagers the whole matter came to an end & people were given the information regarding budget. Saneeka tutee was found innocent and he was being used as a puppet by Pradeep Sahu due to his illiteracy and unawareness, he was forced by Pradeep to sign on affidavit on behalf of whole village. Suneeka said sorry for his foolishness in front of village community and people are planning to lodge a complaint against Panchayat Sevak Pradeep Sahu.


Slowly and steadily, people understand the power of RTI, they understand that this is their right, which is a boon, a weapon for their feature security, and “THEY MUST HAVE IT”