Halla Bol, Raise the Voice “MNREGA”

Huttar is a village of Gutzora Panchayat. Major part of male and female population of this village work as labor in nearby stone mines for their livelihood. There was no awareness and interest of villagers in MNREGA work. 54 people of this village had applied for job card in the block headquarters after the intervention of our team, but they were not being entertained by the officials of block head quarters. Whenever they went for job cards they were told to wait for some more time. Due to ignorance of block officials towards the villagers, the whole community decided not to work in any type of MNREGA work. This happened only because people do not had any knowledge about their rights. After our intervention for forming MNREGA committee in the village, and their regular capacity building all of the 54 people got job cards immediately through M

NREGA union with the help of RTI and now people are taking interest in NAREGA.