Fight Injustice and Fight Corruption

With the effort of NAREGA UNION of Kalamati village of fuddi panchyat, 6 of the villagers got their due payment worth Rs 3564. This was the case when NAREGA UNION was not formed in the village, i.e. before the intervention of the project in the area. Many of the NAREGA workers worked for the construction of the pitch road in the village. 6 of the workers did not got their payment as they were told that there is shortage of fund and they will get it after few months. After this incidence 4 out of 6 unpaid NAREGA workers migrated to another state for 15 months in search of employment. When they returned back and became the member of NAREGA union, this issue was raised again and parmilla kachap (mate) was caught by the management committee.

Parmilla told that whenever she demanded the due payment from J.E (Junior engenieer), he replied that since this is the work of 2 year earlier, they will not get the payment. Management committee of this village sumbitted a written complain against the J.E to BDO khunti. After the complain JE and panchyat sevak came to village and scolded the villagers for complain made by them, ultimately the due payment was given to the 6 of the NAREGA workers, which was the effort made by the NAREGA UNION of KALAMATI VILLAGE.