Creating opportunities for Self Employment

Chalaage village of guthzora panchyat consist of 2 communities, tribals & other backward castes. Asha devi is a member of village SHG which is operational under the banner of NIWANO PROJECT. Before the intervention of the project in the area, Asha & other women of this village had no work to do except being a house wife. Their was no extra income for them. After being a part of SHG & regular oreintation of Asha & other members, a drastic change was noticed in Asha’s life. Asha and other members of Women SHGs took training of mushroom cultivation but due to unfavorale weather condition they did not suceed in it after that she actively participated in the IGP & training on clothes stiching. With the help of our team members she started a small business from her house and today she is earning  Rs 50 to 70 /day i.e. approx 1500 to 2000 Rs per month by stiching the clothes of villagers and  trying to explore her skills and business by being in regular contact with our team members.


In spite of this she also took training in making of fancy bag and mobile case & hence trying to horn her skills in this trade. Seeing the confidence of Asha other members of SHG are also approaching for more advanced training in the trade.