Break the Boundaries, Conquer the World “SHG”

Heera Devi, Sangeeta & Lovelena, are the resident of Huttar, Belangi and kanadih village respectively and are the members of women community (SHG) under the banner of project. All of these women come from orthodox tribal family and all of them are BPL. They were member of SHG group of their respective villages and thus was busy in serving for their family. Regular contact by our field  staff in the weekly meetings and discussion ,not only on the topic of saving money but also on different women issues like women rights, domestic violence PRI etc changed the way of thinking of these women. After the announcement of Panchayat election, which was going to held after more than 20 long years, they themselves came forward for nomination in Panchayat election against the wish of their husbands and other family members even after knowing that there are other strong contenders from upper cast and strong financial back ground.


All of them were mentally tortured by their family members for nominating their names in elections, but at the same time they were determined and self confidence to take part in elections. Lok Swar under the banner of the project helped these women mentally; lot of counseling was given to them.


All of them i.e. Heera, Sangeeta & Lovelena won the election. They were elected new village head, but Sangeeta and Lovelena did not stop here only, their ambition and confidence was very high. They both nominated themselves as an assistant Panchayat head and won.


Today all of them are ready to work for the welfare of their respective area and are still very active member of SHG of their respective village. This had been possible after our intervention in the area. Many others women like Hera & Sangeeta are eager to break the boundaries.