Being United is the Reason Behind Success

Dungra is a village that comes under Fuddi pancgyat. Joyti Mahela mandal (SHG) is the group of local women that was formed under the banner of  the project. Before the intervention of our team, these women were unorganized and does not know much about the benefits of being united as SHGs.

Slowly and steadly,after regular oreintation through different activities this group become finacialy strong. It was the effort of our team and co operation of women which ultimately helped this group become financially strong.

With the help of lok swar, Jouti Mahela mandal applied for loan from  BANK OF INDIA,(25000) which was approved and this SHG managed to purchase a lorry (TATA MAZIC) small vechiel which is being utilized for transportation & other pourpose & runs on the highway of RANCHI to KHUNTI. Today this SHG is earning 500 to 800 Rs /day and thus paying the intrest of the bank. After 3 years Joti mahela mandal will become the owner of the asset worth Rs 4 lakhs Rs. This is a small step of the SHG towards financial freedom.